How on earth?!

So, I’ve managed to reactivate my blog (obvs) in an effort to ‘rediscover’ myself and find what makes me tick and I cannot BE-LIEVE it has been going since 2012 and (moreso) that its now 2021. How did that even HAPPEN?! Since last time I wrote, so much has happened. I’m now a qualified teacher and seem to just be taking more and more on as the days (years) go by and I convince myself ever moreso that I’m singlehandedly changing the world – one student at a time.

Throughout my 7 year journey in teaching, I think it’s safe to say that I have absolutely found out more about myself and my own capabilities and *gulp* limitations than those of my students. Being statemented for SEND (dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia – go hard or go home, right?) at the ripe age of 31 was a light bulb moment for me and came at just the right time – though it didn’t feel like that at the time! I was halfway through my teacher training and I questioned my path at the time, convinced that teenagers (my chosen age group to teach) would annihilate me when they realised that I did things in different ways. Determined to prove them (and my incredibly unsupportive PGCE provider wrong) I perservered and smashed the course, landed a job in my placement school and have never looked back. I now openly talk to students about my own struggles and supportively insist on the very highest expectations from ALL of my students, no matter their starting points – it’s up to me to close the gaps.

That’s where things get complicated. I now find myself delving into the world of not only English Language and Literature across 3 keystages, but also acting as the SEN link for our busy department. Add to this Literacy in a large comprehensive school and responsibility for the library and I’m spread PRETTY thin (aren’t we all) I’ve also chosen to throw a breakfast club and reading buddies into the mix in ‘normal’ times just for good measure because, kids need to eat and kids need to read! Here is where this blog and my educational twitter account come into play and become useful. I’m looking to share, swap, magpie, beg, borrow, etc research, resources and collaboration between like minded teaching professionals. After a period of treading water, I’d like to really be able to reflect and evaluate what I’m doing and why and evolve to benefit my students more and more over time.

So, if you are of a similar mind; would like to share pretty (or not so pretty) notes on reading, learning, meta cognition, self reflection and improvement, then give me a follow or share some research links/resources or just pop in and say hello. I’m hoping to make writing a habitual thing again – I desperately miss it! So any tips on that are very welcome as well 😁 Thanks for reading. K x.


long time no see!

Just as I got into the swing of blogging, I seemed to lose my stride somehow and ‘real’ life got in the way…inconsiderate? I think so! Anyway, moving house along with health issues, family and not least of all the beast that is proving to be uni this year, have all kept me hopping these past few weeks. I could really use a clone of myself but then who couldn’t, right? I find myself wishing for more hours in the day lately, like really, really wishing for them! Not so I can have more people/things competing for a sliver of my attention, so I can just have a minute to breathe and remember where I’m going. Sometimes I think we all just need to step back and remember that all this craziness IS towards something, a goal no matter how small or (seemingly) huge is waiting for us to attain it and tick it off the proverbial ‘to do’ list of our lives and the longer we sit around and wish that we hadn’t signed ourselves up for this ridiculous torture, the more precious time we’ve wasted.

I don’t know about you, but I am a habitual though self loathing procrastinator and it becomes a vicious cycle of lack of accomplishment and depression due to lack of accomplishment that eventually ends in me going absolutely nuts for one or two days doing anything and everything I can possibly think of and then regretting it for the same amount of time because I’ve worn myself well and truly out! Ridiculous. Pace, focus and drive towards my ‘end goals’ are what I desperately need and I’m the only one who can deliver these things…consider yourself told Kelley! In the mean time, please tell me someone else out there wishes for a pause button on a daily basis, so you can get things done while the world stands still and well and truly catch up 🙂

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10 Offbeat Literary Works of Non-English Writers

10 Offbeat Literary Works of Non-English Writers.


Definitely worth a look!

Super duper extra ordinary-a poem to my children

Exceptionally ordinary, hopelessly extraordinary.

Robust and adaptable, yet delicately fragile

Independent, but still wholly reliant….

are you, my precious, incredible child.


You expose me, my weaknesses, my failings, my mistakes.

You call my bluffs, drag me out of my comfort zone and enrage my heart.

The tempestuous relationship we share will always be exactly that…

unpredictable, untrustworthy, impossible to quell.


With one look, one word, one simple gesture, you alone can make my temper writhe.

With one soft kiss and gentle caress, you alone can make that same temper melt away into a sea of pure bliss.

In one moment, you changed everything.

In one instant you became everything.


The raw act of conception seems too mundane to have borne you into my arms.

The simplicity of you inside me in the eyes of the world frustrates me.

I see you for what you are,

No ordinary thing.

No simple feat.

No normal being….you are me.


You are me and a thousand other mes.

You are you and a million possibilities.


All that I have is you, all that I want is you, all I will ever need is you.

If nothing comes right and the world falls around us,





I never knew love this intense, this consuming,

this unconditionally unstoppable.

Not until the first moment I met you,

you, perfect you.


Where there was longing, there is now joy.

Where there was peace, there is now potential.

Where there was calm, there is now chaos.

Where there was nothing, now there is you, perfect you.





Scope | Archive: Articles, July 2000

Scope | Archive: Articles, July 2000.


Not sure where I stand on the issue of the Flaneuse either. I have a feeling Benjamin would be turning in his grave if he knew we had engendered his idea!

Pinterest / Home

Pinterest / Home.


This is quite cool IMO. Another version of a blog or social network, but more visual which is cool =)

PUNCTUATION Worksheet – Resources – TES

PUNCTUATION Worksheet – Resources – TES.


‘For pupils’ is the title, although there’s quite a few adults that could use this worksheet!

Dead Author T-shirts and Other Stuff

Dead Author T-shirts and Other Stuff.

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood.