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long time no see!

Just as I got into the swing of blogging, I seemed to lose my stride somehow and ‘real’ life got in the way…inconsiderate? I think so! Anyway, moving house along with health issues, family and not least of all the beast that is proving to be uni this year, have all kept me hopping these past few weeks. I could really use a clone of myself but then who couldn’t, right? I find myself wishing for more hours in the day lately, like really, really wishing for them! Not so I can have more people/things competing for a sliver of my attention, so I can just have a minute to breathe and remember where I’m going. Sometimes I think we all just need to step back and remember that all this craziness IS towards something, a goal no matter how small or (seemingly) huge is waiting for us to attain it and tick it off the proverbial ‘to do’ list of our lives and the longer we sit around and wish that we hadn’t signed ourselves up for this ridiculous torture, the more precious time we’ve wasted.

I don’t know about you, but I am a habitual though self loathing procrastinator and it becomes a vicious cycle of lack of accomplishment and depression due to lack of accomplishment that eventually ends in me going absolutely nuts for one or two days doing anything and everything I can possibly think of and then regretting it for the same amount of time because I’ve worn myself well and truly out! Ridiculous. Pace, focus and drive towards my ‘end goals’ are what I desperately need and I’m the only one who can deliver these things…consider yourself told Kelley! In the mean time, please tell me someone else out there wishes for a pause button on a daily basis, so you can get things done while the world stands still and well and truly catch up 🙂

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