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Super duper extra ordinary-a poem to my children

Exceptionally ordinary, hopelessly extraordinary.

Robust and adaptable, yet delicately fragile

Independent, but still wholly reliant….

are you, my precious, incredible child.


You expose me, my weaknesses, my failings, my mistakes.

You call my bluffs, drag me out of my comfort zone and enrage my heart.

The tempestuous relationship we share will always be exactly that…

unpredictable, untrustworthy, impossible to quell.


With one look, one word, one simple gesture, you alone can make my temper writhe.

With one soft kiss and gentle caress, you alone can make that same temper melt away into a sea of pure bliss.

In one moment, you changed everything.

In one instant you became everything.


The raw act of conception seems too mundane to have borne you into my arms.

The simplicity of you inside me in the eyes of the world frustrates me.

I see you for what you are,

No ordinary thing.

No simple feat.

No normal being….you are me.


You are me and a thousand other mes.

You are you and a million possibilities.


All that I have is you, all that I want is you, all I will ever need is you.

If nothing comes right and the world falls around us,





I never knew love this intense, this consuming,

this unconditionally unstoppable.

Not until the first moment I met you,

you, perfect you.


Where there was longing, there is now joy.

Where there was peace, there is now potential.

Where there was calm, there is now chaos.

Where there was nothing, now there is you, perfect you.